About Us

For over 25 years and after selling 30 million products, we at Snakebyte still can't get enough of the most beautiful hobby in the world. That's why we continue developing gaming gear that we like to use ourselves, and that's why gamers all over the world appreciate it.

For Gaming Streamers

PiXs - Content Creator & Twitch Streamer
Whether on Instagram, Tiktok or Twitch, whether
Assassin's Creed, Zelda or Pokemon: Thousands
of like-minded gamers feel their 100%
gamer lifestyle.

Here's her Instagram channel: @PIXS30
Twitch: pixs30
Tiktok: @Pixs30

For Casual Gangsters

Arjun - Traveller, fashion blogger & casual gamer
Likes to play GTA V on the PS4 or a few rounds of FIFA with friends. Waiting (like all of us...) for umpteen years for GTA VI and has already saved up a lot of vacation time for it.

Here's his Instagram channel: @ARJUNUPDATES

For Handheld Pros

Shari - Professional Ballet Teacher & Portable Gamer
As a sought-after ballerina and one of the youngest ballet teachers in Germany , Shari is often on the road for work. And yet she always finds quiet moments to spend a good time with her friends on the SWITCH in ANIMAL CROSSING.

Here's her Instagram channel: @SHARI.BKMR